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Understanding Radio Frequency

PC PATROL uses Radio Frequency Technology to achieve a wireless system that has unparalleled versatility and ease of setup.

An understanding of the behaviour of Radio Frequency will assist you in getting the most out of your PC Patrol system and will help in in the rare cases where any trouble-shooting is needed.

Radio Frequency is very reliable and versatile for all environments, but must be tested at setup to ensure that the reception is at its optimum. Security is a serious business and we must ensure that PC Patrol has been set up correctly.

The range of the PC Patrol transmitters is between 100 and 130 feet, but this can vary depending on the makeup of your walls and other factors such as angles of the structure. If you have your receiver within inches of your monitor, your PCs wiring or other strong magnetic field, the reception can also be interfered with.

The receiver is designed to be fastened to the serial port with a long serial cable so that the best position for reception can be found, whatever your environment. In 99% of cases, moving the receiver even a few inches can place it out of the dead spot and have it receiving perfectly. Moving the extendable antenna can also achieve the same result.