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Understanding Time Periods

PC PATROL features the ability to divide the day into three parts, or Time Periods. Set the start times for these three periods, labeled "Morning", "Noon" and "Night", and the power of your security and surveillance is increased dramatically.

Having three time periods enables you to page different pagers depending on the time of the day, and have sound effects that are most appropriate to that time of the day.

Here are a few examples:

Depending on the daily schedules of those around you, paging can be configured to make sure that the help you call will be both close enough, and the right person to act effectively.

    Morning period - You may wish to have yourself paged, as well as any of your neighbors that you know will be home.
    Noon period - You might be at work so as well as paging yourself, you might page a neighbour or your apartment complex security guard.
    Night period - Page yourself to wake you up, as well as all of your neighbors and/or a guard or doorman.

Sensor activity during the different periods or the random playing of background sounds may produce one of, or a combination of, any of the following sounds:

    Morning period - a shower running and then turning off, breakfast dishes clanking in the sink, an electric shaver, a hair dryer.
    Noon period - a vacuum cleaner, washing machine, TV, children squabbling or at play.
    Night period - people in conversation, dinner being prepared, TV noises, you waking up and calling "who's there?".

These are only a few suggestions for sounds to record using the Windows 95 Sound Recorder.

Please, use your imagination here and record many, many sounds. The idea is to have anyone outside or entering the area that PC PATROL is protecting, hear the exact noises that should be in the area if you are present. Be creative and dramatically improve the level of your security. It is up to you!