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Understanding Events

An 'event' is simply an action that PC PATROL performs, either in response to a signal from a sensor or as a configured routine.

An event can be:

    a call to a pager (a 'Pager Event').
    video recorded from a configured camera (a 'Video Event').
    a sound file played (a 'Sound Event').
Events at Level 1
At Level 1, PC PATROL enables you to simply configure scenarios of up to eight events for each of two Zones for each of three time periods of the day.

For example:

PC PATROL may respond to a night-time home intrusion through Zone B as follows:

    Event 1 - Record Video of the intrusion.
    Event 2 - Page You.
    Event 3 - Page the Doorman or Security Guard with your apartment number.
    Event 4 - Play a whispered conversation at low volume.
    Event 5 - Pause for a couple of seconds, play an angry voice at a louder volume.
    Event 6 - Play the sound of someone calling 911.
    Event 7 - Play noises of people moving around and loop them to play 2 or 3 times.
    Event 8 - Play a siren and a loud announcement telling the intruder that the authorities are moments away.
PC PATROL may respond to a daytime office intrusion through Zone A as follows:
    Event 1 - Play a warning message asking the intruder to leave.
    Event 2 - Record video.
    Event 3 - Page You.
    Event 4 - Page Office Security or your Secretary.
    Event 5 - Pause for two seconds, play a commanding voice at a louder volume.
    Event 6 - Play a loud message to inform the intruder that security was paged and will arrive at any second or alternately, play an ear piercing siren.

Remember, you do not have to set all eight events. Set only as many as you need to provide your desired security solution. To configure events, click on the Events hotspot on the main PC PATROL interface or select from the Events menu.

Events at Level 2
At Level 2, PC PATROL enables you to set three events for each of two Zones. These events can be one Paging event, one Video event and one Sound event.

Level 2 is designed for you to be in the area and interact with PC Patrol, using its monitoring abilities to be informed of events in your environment. Level 2 provides you with a powerful personal tool to enhance your lifestyle.