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PC Computing Magazine gave it a FOUR STAR rating ... high praise indeed! PC Patrol has TWICE been awarded a 'FOUR STAR' rating!

"PC PATROL is a complete security system that's perfect for any home or small office equipped with a PC ..."

"You can't beat its simplicity or price."

"What happens when the alarm goes off is up to you. Set off any sound from your PC, capture video, or send pager messages. The security system even keeps a complete HTML log of any activity."


The source for computers and technology!

"Bakson is not the only company to offer easy home video surveillance. Some home automation systems, such as X-10's ActiveHome and IBM Home Director's Home Management System, also have video-monitoring options. And while we thought the Bakson's wireless video camera was innovative, Sony is developing other security camera options."

The highly acclaimed show on The Discovery Channel!

"See how you can turn your home PC into a state-of-the-art security system."

The Newspaper of Corporate Computing!

"Bakson Corp.'s PC Patrol focuses on protecting small departments, computer rooms and storage areas, emphasizing rapid intruder detection and automated responses including paging, video capture and playing sound recordings to frighten intruders away."

"Paging is one of PC Patrol's biggest advantages. The product immediately summons supervisors or security by pager when a sensitive area is entered."

"Another is to play prerecorded conversations and noises from the inner zone, or warnings or sirens. PC Patrol uses Microsoft Corp.'s DirectX technology for overlapping sound, creating realistic simulated conversations.

Ziff Davis' new Digital Electronics Magazine.

"... be better off with a slick, dedicated RF-based surveillance package like Bakson's PC Patrol."


The Computer Magazine written in Plain English!

"If you're considering a home security system, think about making its headquarters at your computer."

The recognized leader in SOHO Computing.

"We like the way we can program PC PATROL to page us or play realistic sound effects, such as a toilet flushing or dog barking, to scare off the burglars."

IDG's premier weekly magazine.

"Bakson Corp. in Huntington Beach, Calif., has introduced PC Patrol, a 32-bit software package that lets users dial in to a PC and view video captures of events ..."